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A Brief History

BigOn began way back in the early 1980's. We started as a sporting goods manufacturer, selling to independent sports retailers. As the large sports retailers came onto the high street, we could see the independent sports retailers declining. Which meant no customers for us. We were stuck in a frustrating situation where we had a warehouse full of top branded sporting goods, and as a wholesaler we could sell it at very low prices, we just didn’t have anybody to sell it to! Then we had a light-bulb moment and started to list our products online. Within a few months we were selling hundreds of items every week, then thousands. We went from selling to retailers and then to selling online to the consumer, we had to change our business practices/model. We had to develop a very slick product storage facility, well trained warehouse staff to pick and pack the orders. As well as recruit and train excellent customer service staff.

We had to very quickly learn everything about online selling and learn new online skills to manage our vast amount of inventory across multiple online marketplaces. Our business has changed with the times and so have the staff that makes Bigonfootballkits what it is today. We have gone from being a small operation, selling to local sports retailers to being a large online business selling to hundreds of thousands around the world. You will still see us on eBay, as well as Amazon and this website. If you live locally, you can even come into our Factory Shop where you can actually touch our products, try them on and get to meet our friendly staff! What is our vision for the future? To continue selling top branded sporting goods at low prices, along with excellent customer service.